The colleagues at CustomHash AG are currently working at full speed on the completion of their own mobile application (app), which will be available for Android as well as iOs. This mobile application will make it even easier for customers to pay with Paypodo. It will also enable the number of potential partners to be significantly increased.

With regard to regulatory approvals, the long-awaited next steps are becoming apparent as a result of the relaxation that has now been decided:

As already mentioned, there have unfortunately been significant delays due to the travel bans in place to date. In particular, the conclusion of Paypodo’s e-money licence in Lithuania could not be completed as a result. The reasons for this are obvious: the final licensing requires a mandatory presence of the Board of Directors in Vilnius. International air traffic has come to an almost complete standstill. Travel by road has so far failed because of the current entry and transit bans in force in Lithuania and Poland. However, the situation is easing here as well: According to information now available, the entry bans in force until 13th May 2020 will probably not be extended, so that nothing stands in the way of prompt travel from 14th May 2020 on.

The final talks with MindGeek SARL are currently on „Hold“. However, the colleagues of CustomHash AG are in regular contact with the responsible persons of MindGeek SARL in order to be able to reach a conclusion as soon as the entry bans to the USA are lifted.