Memento 3D interactive GmbH will start to return to „normal“ work mode from 11th May 2020: A large part of the employees will return to their jobs. The possibility of working in the „home office“ will only be maintained for those employees who currently do not have the possibility of child care.

In addition, the management of Memento 3D interactive GmbH will be operationally supported by a proven expert of the games industry, Mr. Markus Melching, who as CEO, besides Tobias Platte, is now responsible for the areas of business development and product development. We will introduce Mr. Markus Melching to you in a separate newsletter.

The sales figures for vrXcity continue to develop according to plan. As already announced, the colleagues are working on the continuous scaling of the product and the further development of vrXcity. In this context, Markus Melching has presented a number of exciting and very revenue-generating ideas, which will be presented to the team on 12th May 2020. The software development of vrXcity will be sharpened in the direction of GaaS (Games as a Service). This makes the company more agile, brings weekly press and in the end more turnover. Furthermore, this system promises an increased redBux turnover. We will of course inform you in detail about the news shortly.